An Update on Our Journey: Embracing Impact and Accountability at Tribes

In my last article, I shared our monumental achievement of obtaining ISO 27001 certification and our next challenge: the pursuit of B-Corp certification. Today, I am thrilled to update you on this transformative journey.

We’ve been working tirelessly since our last update. Our mission has always been dynamic, but we’ve recently made a pivotal addition to it: incorporating impact and social responsibility.

One of the critical steps in our journey has been creating feedback systems. These channels are for our staff and extend to our customers. Their insights are invaluable, helping us refine our approach and ensure that our newly added objectives are aspirational, achievable, dynamic and based on people’s experience working with us.

Moreover, we have instituted systems to evaluate these objectives. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s also about measuring our progress towards them. This analytical approach extends to our supply chain as well. We now assess suppliers based on their impact and quality, aligning our entire operation with our values of responsibility and excellence.

I am immensely proud to share that our efforts have borne fruit: we have achieved a provisional score of 83 in our B-Corp assessment. This score is more than a number; it’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of every member of the Tribes family. It’s a score that echoes our collective commitment to making a difference.

We are now moving into the verification stage, buoyed by our changes. We aim to become certified in early 2024, a milestone that feels exciting and within reach.

Reflecting on this journey, I am reminded of why we embarked on it in the first place. It wasn’t for accolades or market positioning, although those are welcome byproducts. Our drive stems from a deeper place – not just as business leaders but as parents, members of a global community, and stewards of a future we are helping to shape.

Much like our pursuit of ISO 27001, our approach to B-Corp certification has been about more than compliance. It has been a journey of introspection and growth, of aligning our operations with additional layers of purpose. It’s about embedding a transformative way of working into the very fabric of Tribes.

As we continue on this path, we will continue documenting our journey, sharing our triumphs and challenges. 

I want to express my gratitude to our team, customers, and partners. Together, we are not just building a company; we can build a tribe for the greater good.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to our goal of becoming a certified B-Corporation.

David Elkabas,
Managing Director at Tribes

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